Emily Frost

Ancient Russians Drilled Holes Into People’s Skulls 7000 Years Ago Either For Surgery Or Ritual

In the past few decades, scientists discovered prehistoric human skulls with traces of trepanation in several regions of the North Caucasus. They claimed that around 7,000 years ago, there were skilled surgeons in Ancient Greece, North and South America, Africa, Polynesia, and the Far East. They performed surgery on humans by drilling holes into their skulls. According…

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6,000-Year-Old Bizarre, Mouthless ‘Alien’ Mask Unearthed In “The Salt Pit” Settlement In Northeast Bulgaria

 A bizarre prehistoric clay mask or a figurine, lacking a mouth but featuring human and animal traits, has been discovered during the latest archaeological excavations of the Provadiya – Solnitsata (“The Salt Pit”) Settlement Mound in Northeast Bulgaria. This ancient settlement is also known as the oldest town in Europe -Mouthless Alien mask discovered in…

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Glimpses of Ancient Grandeur: Unearthing Luxor’s 3,500-Year-Old Pharaonic Tomb of the Royal Goldsmith

In the sun-soaked land of Egypt, where tales of pharaohs and ancient wonders echo through the ages, a team of archaeologists embarked on a quest that would lead them to an extraordinary discovery. Deep within the ancient city of Luxor, their shovels and brushes delicately unearthed a hidden treasure—a 3,500-year-old pharaonic tomb belonging to a…

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