Photographers of 1990 Calvine UFO Photo Vanish Without a Trace, Reveals Insider


The biggest UFO revelation happened in 2022. A mysterious UFO photo from the Calvine incident, which was set to be released on January 1, 2072, was somehow found and released by UAP Media UK. The 1990 Calvine UFO incident is one of the most discussed cases in the UAP community. After 34 years, the colleague of the two British photographers who witnessed and captured this historic UFO photo has finally come forward with an even more bizarre story.

There are many videos and photographs of UFOs on the Internet, and some of them have credibility. However, there is one photograph sent to the UK defense ministry, the MoD, which is considered to be the most spectacular UFO photo, although somehow, it has disappeared. The photograph contains a 100-foot diamond-shaped flying saucer hovering over a village named Calvine in the Scottish Highlands. The photo was taken in 1990.

Vinnie Adams of the UAP Media UK disclosed that his team not only found the original print of the Calvine “UFO,” taken directly from the negatives, but also the original envelope which was sent from the Scottish Daily Record to Craig Lindsay, who was the MOD Press Officer that dealt with the case at the time.

Calvine UFO Photo Original
Retired RAF Press Officer Craig Lindsay and Dr. David Clarke.

Mail Online has covered the new addition to the Calvine incident. Dr David Clarke, a research fellow and lecturer in journalism at Sheffield Hallam University writes that retired chef Richard Grieve, who at the time of the incident was 21, spoke about that mysterious night in 1990 for the first time in 34 years. The story goes like this: (Source)

On a dark, stormy night in Pitlochry, Scotland, a group of young chefs took a break outside their hotel kitchen. Normally, they joked and shared drinks, but this night was different. Two chefs were talking excitedly about seeing a huge, diamond-shaped object hovering silently in the sky while hiking in Calvine a few nights earlier. They took photos and showed them to a newspaper.

As they discussed their experience, a dark car arrived, and two men in black suits emerged, calling the two chefs by name. The rest of the group was ordered to get back inside. The chefs were taken for a private talk.

The following morning, different chefs were on duty. Richard remembered the two chefs being very shaken after the meeting with the men who claimed to be from the Royal Navy. Following the encounter, the chefs felt they were being followed, their behavior changed dramatically, and they eventually left their jobs. Richard never saw them again. One of the chefs hinted that whatever they saw involved Americans.

Dr. David Clarke writes that for over 15 years, he has been deeply intrigued by the “Calvine Incident” and the mystery surrounding the photographs taken by two chefs on that night. His search for the truth has led him from the Highlands of Scotland to the secretive depths of the US Pentagon. Dr. Clarke first discovered the story in 2009 when the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) disbanded its UFO desk and released thousands of files. Among these files, he found the heavily redacted Calvine file, which contained a poor photocopy of the chefs’ photograph.

After years of continued investigation with other experts, Dr. Clarke finally found the original photo at the home of Craig Lindsay, a retired RAF press officer. Lindsay had kept the photo hidden on a bookshelf for 32 years. When Dr. Clarke contacted him in 2022, Lindsay, then in his 80s, revealed he had been waiting for someone to ask about the photo for more than 30 years.

Calvine UFO Photo Original
The original Calvine photograph, showing the diamond-shaped craft and a Harrier aircraft in what appears to be close proximity. credit: VINNIE ADAMS From UAP Media UK

In 2022, this Calvine UFO photo was published by the Daily Mail. Dr. Clarke has been flooded with emails from UFO enthusiasts wanting more information and sharing their theories about the object in the photo. Some believe it is an alien spacecraft that was intercepted by Royal Air Force (RAF) jets. Others think that it might be a secret U.S. military project involving advanced technology, like the Hopeless Diamond or Aurora, which is known for its stealth capabilities.

Some skeptics think the photo could be a hoax. Despite all this interest, Dr. Clarke has not been able to contact the two men who had taken the photo. Richard Grieve, who worked at a hotel in Pitlochry where those men were chefs in 1990, mentioned that they seemed to have disappeared.

The name “Kevin Russell” was written on the back of the photo print. The Daily Record newspaper sent the photo to Lindsay. Lindsay then faxed the photo to the Ministry of Defense (MoD) and tried to contact the photographer using the phone number provided by the newspaper. However, there was no luck finding any further information about them.

The chefs who took the photo reported seeing a military Harrier jet flying below the UFO, and another jet circling it. They also said the UFO shot up into the sky without making any noise. Lindsay summarized this account and sent it to the MoD, who told him to let their London office handle it.

Dr. Clarke and a film crew have been looking for Kevin Russell, the photographer of a controversial photo, for 18 months. They found 140 people named Kevin Russell, but none admitted to taking the photo. It is possible the name is fake, or the real photographer is still too scared to come forward.

Richard Grieve believes they were genuinely frightened and would not have made up the story. After developing the photos, one chef took a bus to Glasgow to deliver them to the Daily Record newspaper. Soon after, a mysterious dark car appeared. One chef hinted to Richard that “it was the Americans,” suggesting U.S. involvement. The Ministry of Defence refuses to release information about the photos, saying the negatives were returned to the newspaper and all other records were sent to The National Archives or destroyed.


The MoD file mentions that analysis of one of the missing images revealed a second jet in the distance, making a hoax even less likely. The images underwent at least three separate analyses by UK and US government agencies. A 1990 briefing for Defence Minister Ken Carlisle concluded that the jet in the photo was likely a Harrier, even though no Harriers were known to be flying in Scotland that evening. The experts could not definitively identify the diamond-shaped object.

Despite preparing for a story, the Daily Record never published the photos. Malcolm Speed, a former news editor at the paper, recalls seeing the photos and being surprised they were not published, especially after being told by the picture editor, Andy Allan, that the RAF said they were fakes. Andy Allan, who passed away in 2007, could not provide his account, leaving Malcolm Speed to wonder if Andy was misled by the RAF.

Richard Grieve
Richard Grieve who is now 55 describes the mysterious night of 1990. Image via Dail Mail

Dr. Clarke noted the sighting’s date, August 4, 1990, coincided with the early stages of the Gulf War. The US military was mobilizing many resources, including the F117A stealth fighter, which had been in development for years and resembled the object photographed in Scotland. The US government has since admitted to flying prototype aircraft that looked like UFOs, including triangle-shaped ones capable of hovering. The Calvine UFO might have been one of these prototypes.

The US Department of Defence’s All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) recently released a report stating that many UFO sightings were actually misidentified highly sensitive national security programs. The report refers to a 1990s sighting near a US military facility, possibly Area 51, where experimental aircraft were tested. This sighting had characteristics matching those of a secret platform being tested at the time.

Dr. Clarke suggests that what the chefs saw over Calvine might have been one of these secret American prototype aircraft.

According to a 30-year rule in the UK, the MoD was supposed to release the secret UFO dossier on January 1, 2021, but the UK government banned the release for another 50 years. This secret file is said to contain the infamous UFO photo from the Calvine incident. Now, it is set to be released on January 1, 2072.

UAP Media UK has been working hard to bring a serious resource to British media outlets on the discussion of UFOs. One of the members of this project, Vinnie Adams had been working with Dr. Clarke and a small team of researchers on the Calvine case from 1990 in Scotland.

In May 2022, Dr. Clarke interviewed Craig in Scotland and was shown the original print. In June, Craig agreed to donate the photograph to the Sheffield Hallam University Archives, handing it to Dr. Clarke and Vinnie Adams. The image now resides in its new home at the Sheffield Hallam University folklore archives.

Authenticity of Calvine UFO Photo

Andrew Robinson, a senior lecturer in Photography at Sheffield Hallam University claims the authenticity of the 1990 Scottish highlands UFO photo. In his detailed analysis, he found the image showing no evidence of negative or print-based manipulation, and all visible signs suggest this is a genuine photograph of the scene before the camera.

Robinson concluded in his study:

1. The photograph is a color print from XP-1 or XP-2 chromogenic Black and White C41 film printed on a standard;

2. It is not possible to identify the object in the center of the frame. However, the evidence present suggests that this object was in front of the camera in the position shown when the photograph was captured;

3. Thus it follows that this is either a genuine unidentified flying object in the sky OR that any construction or manipulation used to create this effect occurred in front of the camera and not in the capturing of the scene on film nor in the subsequent processing and printing of the image;

4. The results of this analysis are consistent with, and support the claimed heritage of the print.


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